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This is my entry for the "fandom manifesto" challenge at [ profile] fandomverse.

1. What would Primeval be without him:-)
He's the cute, smart und funny geek, always getting into trouble.
For me, Connor's the heart and soul of Primeval, always trying his best.
A brilliant mind who would do everything for the love of his life, Abby:-)

2. Becker is definitely a reason to watch Primeval!
Always in black, never going anywhere without a gun and so damn gorgeous:-) His job is to prevent that someone of the team gets eaten by a dinosaur and so far he's doing a pretty good job. Okay, Cutter got killed (by Helen, not by a dinosaur!), Abby, Danny and Connor got stuck in the past, but apart from that...;-) This team is just really hard to protect, it's like herding cats.

3. Creatures...from the past and the future: Cute ones like "Rex" the flying lizard, the ratty-chipmunk-beaver things and dodos and really dangerous ones like the future predators, raptors, giant spiders and worms and Tyrannosaurus Rex of course.

4. My First impression of Lester: Head of the ARC, not really nice and yes, also very arrogant. Nevertheless he is one of my favourite characters because despite his cockiness he is an awesome boss who really knows how to run the show and in the end the team can always rely on him.
The most important thing: He is my hero when it comes to sarcasm. I love sarcastic remarks and I'm proud to say that sometimes I'm a little bit like Lester;-)

5. I love this team so much. So many different and interesting characters. It's one of the few shows where important characters die and you still want to watch it, because the new characters are awesome as well (if you know what I mean;-)) I loved the original team with Cutter and Stephen but I think season 3 with Danny and Sarah was just as brilliant. And even season 4 and 5 worked pretty good for me although half of the team has changed again.

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